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The Yamas and Niyamas ~
An embodied inquiry

Make your Yoga practice truly transformative through deep self inquiry into the 1st and 2nd limbs of Patanjali's 8-fold Yogic path. This course brings to life the rich moral and ethical roots of the tree of Yoga, making the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras not only relevant, but revolutionary to the life you are living now.

Yamas - Universal Ethical Principles; Wise Characteristics

Niyamas - Personal observances; guides for living soulfully

A little like the protective wire that we place around a newly planted seedling, the yamas and niyamas support the Tree of Yoga to grow strong and true within us.

They teach us self respect, alongside respect for all others, so that our lives become rich and joyfully meaningful, with so much less drama and unnecessary harm.


What makes this course
so special?

Five minutes on Google and you'll have the definitions of the yamas and niyamas. 

Maybe you already know them quite well?


But there's a really big difference between understanding them intellectually, and living them.


This course guides you to traverse that divide, between aspiration and embodiment. To apply the teachings in your physical, financial, relational, and spiritual life in deeply considered ways. And to come back into integrity with yourself such that peace, freedom, and clarity prevail.

"The yamas and niyamas are emphatic descriptions of what we are when we are connected to our source. Rather than a list of dos and don'ts, they tell us that our fundamental nature is compassionate, generous, honest, and peaceful."

Donna Farhi

Lucy Greenaway,

Media & Marketing Director,


"I learnt the Yamas and Niyamas in teacher training a couple of years ago but didn't really connect with them beyond trying to memorise their basic meanings. I have had literal tears as I've been reading through your presentations of them, so grounded and relevant, thank you so much for your dedication to learning and obviously embodying them so that you can share them in such a real and impactful way".

Lizzie Rous

Studio owner @Kamusha Yoga,

New Zealand 

"I am in such gratitude for your perspective on these teachings. I am working through them very slowly as I just have to really sit with what you say and how you share the wisdom. It's like I'm savouring every drop and I can't get enough. I also seem to reach each one of the steps as its meant to arrive in my life - like it's divinely laid out and I am trusting my intuition to come to it when I need a reminder of it. Thank you universe". 

Nyree Cox 

Freelance Photographer,

Saudi Arabia

“It exceeded my expectations - it got me back on the mat and really thinking - more than just doing the asana and improving my strength, the depth of knowledge shared was incredibly useful for my personal development. Thank you Lucy. This was such an intelligent and insightful online course, you are awesome".

What's Included?

10 x 75min themed Yoga practices recorded live at the Bamboo Yoga Shala, Byron Bay.

Beautifully written notes on each yama and niyama (10 lessons)

Poetry and prose to elucidate and inspire

Provocative journal prompts to ignite your inquiry 

Bonus content: mantra recordings, links to relevant articles & podcasts, email support from Lucy

Certificate of Completion and 20hrs of Continuing Education (CE) with Yoga Alliance

Abstract Liquid

“God help us to change. To change ourselves and to change our world.

To know the need for it. To deal with the pain of it. To feel the joy of it.

To undertake the journey without understanding the destination.

The art of gentle revolution”.  

Michael Leunig

Is this course for you?

Whether quite new to Yoga and Yoga philosophy, or a teacher in your own right, this course will enrich your life and practice.


It speaks to our collective humanity, more than yogic prowess, inviting honest, compassionate self inquiry, for both personal and planetary evolution. You'll find it especially helpful if you're:

  • Longing to know more about the rich philosophy of Yoga beyond asana/posture.

  • Seeking inspiration & clarity in your life & practice.

  • Experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, stagnancy, or self doubt. 

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6 months access to content

Lovingly curated from more than two decades of practice 

20hrs of Continuing Education (CE) with Yoga Alliance

Beautifully presented in an easy-to-access format

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