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Weekly In-Person Yoga Classes in Byron Bay

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Join me twice-weekly from July 22...

Introducing 2 x NEW Early morning Yoga classes at the beautiful Suffolk Park Community Hall, situated right on Tallows Beach, Byron Bay.
Drop in, or buy a 5, 10, or Monthly Class Pass 


Lucy's classes are an invitation into greater intimacy with 'what is,' which means that you'll be invited to experience sensations, breath, emotions, and thoughts with curiosity, generosity, and patience. The outer forms of the practice -- whilst taught carefully and precisely so that energy is conserved and well-circulated -- are less interesting than what's happening inside of us whilst we practice them.

We use the practices then, of asana (posture), pranayama (breath regulation), and dharana (concentration), as means for knowing ourselves better -- our unique temperament, tendencies, strengths, and challenges, whilst learning new skills for managing imbalance or distress.


And at the very same time, we seek That which is still and abiding within us -- the Impersonal Witness or Pure Awareness which simply watches the comings and goings of our lives without aversion or attachment, or the need to fix or change anything. We learn to relax with ourselves, slowly but surely resting in, and as, this loving presence.

It might seem ironic then, to get out of bed at the crack of dawn and make umpteen shapes on a mat, only to remember that in essence we are already whole and complete and there's nothing whatsoever to improve upon! But alas, we are forgetful, and the habits that cause suffering run deep. And so we practice. We make time to connect. Again, and again, and again. Together, and yet alone. Alone, and yet together, we honour our divinity, and our humanity, all at once.

Om Namo Narayani!

I look forward to meet you in class.


Mondays 6:30-7:45am

Wednesdays  6:15-7:30am

From July 22 ongoing...

What's in a class?

Always, a guided grounding meditation & intention setting, followed by a gradual, intelligent sequence of asana (posture), to systematically balance and invigorate the bodies vital energies, and steady the mind.

Sequencing is fluid and creative, whilst still honouring tradition.

There's typically a big emphasis on breath-accompanied movement, core stability/strength, and balance.

Everything is invitational, with a range of options/modifications offered to suit your physical, mental and emotional needs of the day. 

Pranayama (regulated breathing practices), sometimes. Savasana (reclined resting pose), always, and a final chant and/or reading of poetry or prose to send us on our way.


DROP-IN    $25 Cash/$27 card

5-CLASS PASS   $108

10-CLASS PASS  $180


How do I book in?

1) Text Lucy on 0411633595 to book in, or just show up. Pay drop-in rate in cash ($25), or pre-pay via payment links below. 

2) Buy a 5-class, 10-class, or 1-Month Pass for best value (below). Lucy will keep track of usage.

3) Make payment via Bank Transfer for drop-in or Pass, and Lucy will keep track of usage. Text or email for banking details.

What to bring?

1) Yoga Mat (all other props provided)

* There's a few mats available for holidaying friends, but locals and regulars, please bring your own. Much nicer!


2) Swimmers and towel for a post-Yoga ocean dip if you have the time & inclination (we are a mere hop from Tallows Beach).

See you there!
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