About Lucy

I started both Yoga and travels in Asia at age 21, with a desire to know more of the world, both inner and outer, than seemed possible from where I stood back then, in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.

Nineteen years later, these are still my primary interests and the unfolding that is Yoga my greatest passion and curiosity.

Since 2001 I’ve been running retreats, leading workshops and classes, and working as part of the Yoga Arts team to prepare and present Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training Courses in Bali, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

In 2010 I met extraordinary South Indian saint Sri Sakthi Amma – the response to a heartfelt prayer for guidance. Amma’s teachings are simple: “Think good thoughts, do good deeds, and don’t worry!”.

This is of course easier said than done, but an invitation to a rich and purposeful life of both service and surrender, remembering and honoring the Divine within everyone and everything. Since that first meeting I’ve spent several months each year at the ashram, bathing in the extraordinary love, joy, and magic of the place. It’s really infectious.

Although I continue to share the traditional Hatha Yoga practices of asana, pranayama and meditation, these have been both softened and sweetened by the devotional arts and attitudes of Bhakti. 

My favourite definition of bhakti is ‘the simple and direct alignment of the heart to God’, and what I love is that there are so many ways of doing this, both on and off the mat, inside or outside of the temple. Some of my favourites include writing, reading poetry, cooking, sharing, singing, dancing, and being in beautiful nature.

My personal practice, and therefore teaching, seeks to nourish and enliven body, mind and heart, so that we remember the Soul beyond them. For the body – both dynamic and restorative yoga asana in a fluid vinyasa style, and guided movement/dance meditations; for the mind – meditation, pranayama, mantra, and the philosophy that binds them all together; and for the heart – sweet music, puja, seva, community, and the aspiration to align my life and will as much as possible to that which feels like wisdom and love.

Gratitude beyond measure to all teachers, guides, and friends-upon-the-way, and to the timeless teachings of all the great wisdom traditions, particularly Hindu and Buddhist. Special mention must include Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Clive Sheridan, and beloved guide Sri Sakthi Amma who continues to show me the true meaning of Love.

Om Namo Narayani!

Very little grows on jagged rock,
Be ground, be crumbled
So wildflowers will come up where you are.
You’ve been stoney for too many years
Try something different

~ Rumi