A 30-day Online Meditation Adventure


NEXT COURSE:  March 24 – April 23


“It went way deeper than I could have imagined in such a way that I can feel it’s life changing.”


This course will get you grounded in a daily meditation practice, or back on your cushion if you’ve been away for a while. You’ll be part of a loving online community committed to showing up for ourselves, & each other, as we strengthen our resolve to do what we must to be happy & whole.

The Invitation:

Join me in a month-long commitment to a daily practice of meditation. You choose the parameters – what, when, where, how. I support you with practices, pointers, & daily pearls of wisdom to keep you inspired & on track.

And as a flow-on of your commitment to do good for you, 10% of your course fee will do lots of good for others. Proceeds from this round will go to awesome charity Ozharvest, who rescue thousands of tons/year of quality excess food that would otherwise end up in landfill, and deliver it directly to more than 1300 charities feeding people in need!

Say What?!

Yep, that’s right. Your devotion to love & freedom  = 22 meals delivered to vulnerable people.

Every time you get still, somebody hungry gets fed.

But how does it work?

Commit yourself to a daily practice, every day for 30. You decide on your commitment – the practice & the parameters*. It need not take more than 10mins a day if your time is tight… think ‘little and often’.

Make it clear, simple, & doable, not only on a good day, but something that will bolster & centre you amidst the chaos, if & when it arises (cos it probably will at least once!).

Hint: Don’t do this cos you think you should, but because it strikes a chord. When the time is right your body says Yes! You’ll feel it. You’ll want to do it even if it feels like a challenge. Conversely, if it feels stressful, listen to that. This might not be your time.

* Busy people & mamas to little ones, please note: this course is here to support you, not stress you out. If you feel that 5 or 6 days/week is more realistic then go with that. Just be clear about what you intend to do, & stick to it.

“I’m so enjoying being part of this course, it is exactly what I needed at probably one of the most stressful times of my life” ~ Cheryl Parsons, USA


Because LOVE is a choice. It’s always here but sometimes we’re not. We’re lost in our heads, feeding our fears, binge-watching another Netflix series…

And because there’s something very powerful about COMMITMENT. Meditation every now & then is very different than when practiced daily. Consistency = gold.

To do so with the SUPPORT of a loving online community is better still.

And (just in case you needed another one), GIVING feels really, really good!

“This is the first time for many years I’ve been able to (and had the desire to) sustain a practice, and actually woke up with the want to meditate”.


Anyone & everyone, especially if:

~ You’re curious. How would you be? What would you discover/heal/nurture if you willingly tuned your attention to love on a daily basis?
~ You struggle at times with feelings of powerlessness, blame, or fear.
~ You’d love to be part of a supportive online group with a shared passion for truth & freedom.
~ There’s parts of you that you still find difficult to accept.
~ You had a practice that you loved but since having kid/s/moving country/changing jobs you struggle to make space for yourself (hello mamas).
~ You’d love your very own cheerleader to keep you honest & inspired.

“Thank you for your personal responses and the care you gave us all individually when needed”.

When do we start?



(First meditations and helpful info for getting started delivered Saturday March 21, to begin first sit on the New Moon of Tuesday, March 24).

“When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape” ~ Andy Andrews


I’m really liking the sound of this. Please say more!!

A satisfying life of love & joy, where we actualise our most heartfelt visions for ourselves, our families, & the world requires these 3 things:

COURAGE – that is, the opposite of comfort.
SUPPORT –  Fellow travelers who inspire, encourage, console & uplift. It’s a bumpy path at times, best not walked alone.
COMMITMENT – A container in which to see yourself, heal, & grow. There will always be days when you’d rather stay in bed. Think of commitment as the friend you’ve arranged to meet.

“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you”.


~ Access to a private Facebook group for sharing & encouragement, & support with any questions or challenges that arise along the way.
~ Regular encouragement via Instagram and Facebook posts
~ A weekly video lesson on the theme for each week (5 in total)
~ 1 x guided relaxation audio
~ 3 x guided meditation audios
~ Bonus mini Yoga sequences to support your meditation.
~ A weekly email to deliver the above as well as words to motivate & inspire + support with any obstacles or challenges.
+ You can also book a 1-1 session with me at any time for in-depth support.

Plus, a new addition for the next course:

~ 2 x (optional) group Zoom calls.

“I really loved the letters and videos every week which came at the right time to give me motivation, and not too much information given all at once so it was not overwhelming”.

“Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt teaching. Your caring and compassionate energy really shines through the computer”


~ AUD$108 (of which 10% goes directly to Ozharvest – I’ll send you the transfer receipt once done).
~ A little nugget of your precious time each & every day to tune your personal radio to the frequency of peace, love, compassion, & forgiveness.

ps. There are a gazillion incredible charities out there doing great stuff – I had to choose one. I can personally vouch for Ozharvest & feel that their mission is so important in tackling some of our biggest social, environmental, & humanitarian issues right now.


My story… the quick version

It’s truly ironic that I should be running a course on commitment, given that it absolutely DOES NOT come easily for me. Consistency is just about the opposite of all my natural tendencies.

I’ve maintained a practice of Yoga & meditation for almost 20years, because I love them so dearly, but always in a very fluid way. Becoming a mother in 2016 left me with little to no time for myself for the best part of a year (if not more), in which I mourned the loss of deep connection to Self that I’d always nurtured through my practices.

Little by little, I’ve found my way back with a newfound respect for the container that commitment provides, because this is what I’ve experienced time & again: if left to circumstance (ie. the whims of others), it will sometimes happen, most often not.

But when I make a commitment to honour my own needs, then my family love to support me. I must make it happen. I must set the early morning alarm & be sure to get up when it sounds. No-one else can do that for me, but when I do, then Life can’t wait to show Her support.

“When you make a commitment you build hope, when you keep it, you build trust”.


I’M IN! What next?

Click here to tell me so. Pay the $108 course fee by clicking this Paypal link. Once that’s received, I’ll mail you with an invite to the Facebook group, and everything else you’ll need to get started (including some helpful hints on choosing & wording your commitment).

Go you! I’m so looking forward to getting started.

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