New Moon Sankalpa


pujaThis blog is in response to the 36 wonderful friends who’ve jumped right on board my invitation to either give something up, or add something in for the next 30 days. In the spirit of fresh starts, new moons, and the yogic principle of tapas, we all know what’s not serving us, and have collectively vowed to lift our game. It’s very exciting!!

The pic (at left) is from this morning’s New Moon Flower Puja… done on behalf of all of us to begin our 30 days.

What we’re ‘giving up':
Coffee – totally or reducing, sugar – totally or reducing, criticism, negative self talk, red wine on weeknights, all alcohol, animal products, the past – stories/emotions/thoughts/agendas/desires no longer current or useful, worry, feeling sorry for ourselves, excessive and late-night computer time, muffins with our coffee (smile), speech (a week of silence for Rose).

What we’re adding in:
More yoga, daily meditation, more ‘me’ time, more love and care for our loved ones, mindfulness of our thoughts and speech, acceptance of fear and the unknown future, investing more energy into our intimate relationships, daily homa or fire puja, more balance between work and play; discipline/structure and spontaneity.

Yahoo!!!! I can almost taste the freedom.

Some pointers below to keep us on track, and help us refine our sankalpa or resolve, so that we’re sure we really want to do what we’ve set out to.

Have you chosen a practice or vow that you sense has real potential to help you grow? When you think about it does it make you feel excited? This is important. Although there’ll very likely be some egoic squirming inside – this too is a good sign – you want to feel a sense of excitement that is greater than the fear or apathy that has until now kept you stuck in a negative pattern.

This excitement is Shakti dancing inside your cells, and your body confirming that your mind and Soul are united in this quest. If your mind says ‘yes’ but your body feels numb or tired…. if you don’t really feel it with your whole heart and Soul, then maybe you need to re-assess. Refine your statement. Change it from something that feels like denial to something juicy and life-giving, heart-healing, and/or creative. You really gotta wanna do it!

In a sentence or two write down what it is that you’ve resolved to do, or not to do, as the case may be. Make it:

  • Clear
  • Concise – Leave no ambiguity in your commitment. What does ‘less sugar’ or ‘less coffee’ mean for you? Would it help if you set some parameters? A time-frame? A quantity?
  • Positive – Are you cultivating love for yourself and others, or re-affirming your ‘badness’ by setting yourself up for denial and failure? Again. This is a BIG question? Investigate it. My suggestion is to set yourself an achievable task that will strengthen your capacity to do what you’ve set out to do. This builds real confidence, and trust in your ability to follow through… gradually.

These helpful hints have been painstakingly gathered from my many many years of failed attempts. Commitment is not my forte. Not at all. But I’m slowly learning that there is absolutely NO substitute for it – not talent, not charm, not good luck. Anyone I see who has achieved any measure of success – be it spiritual, material, interpersonal… doesn’t matter… all have mastered the ability to Just Stick With It!

I’ve suggested this little challenge because I really need your help! There is strength in numbers. Let’s use this crazy World Wide Web thing to do something positive for ourselves and each other.

I’ll be posting FB updates every few days, with a tag to all 36 of you in those posts. Please share your discoveries, challenges, insights and fruits. Be as honest as you can – it will liberate the rest of us to do the same.

If you fall off the horse please don’t freak out. Dust yourself off, take a deep breath, and get back on. Your cheer squad is waiting.

Let us keep LOVE as our guiding light. Remember when you’re burning a little in the fire of wanting, that this is not about self-abuse or denial, but opening up instead to greater, more genuine, more sustainable pleasure!! The real bliss.

I send lots of love to each and every one of you.

Om Namo Narayani! Om Dum Durgaye Namaha!  May She be with us in the form of inner strength and courage!!