Monthly Archives: May 2014

This blog is in response to the 36 wonderful friends who’ve jumped right on board my invitation to either give something up, or add something in for the next 30 days. In the spirit of fresh starts, new moons, and the yogic principle of tapas, we all know what’s not serving us, and have collectively […]

Do you ever have one of those days… or a few hours at least, where you feel like doing absolutely nothing? And I don’t mean the nothing that’s a rebellious or exhausted desire to avoid doing what you know you must (though I suspect that we all have those days sometimes). The nothing I’m talking […]

It’s a Thursday morning here in Ubud, Bali, and it’s all very beautiful. Coconut palms reflect the light and shadows of a rising sun, swaying gently in the cool, morning breeze. The soundscape too is gentle – insects, birds, an occasional distant rooster and the ever-present hum of our ceiling fan. But what is even […]