Just Love.


Icecream LoveWhen I first went to Sri Narayani Peedam, and was given a few books of Amma’s discourses to read, I have to admit that I was a little bit underwhelmed. The messages were all very sweet and simple… “do good deeds, think good thoughts, speak good words”, expressed in language and metaphors that anyone, educated or not, could easily understand.

Whilst I appreciated the simplicity, my intellect was absolutely not stirred. My mind was saying “yeah yeah we know all that, but how do we actually do it?”. It was all a bit too simple. Nothing in those written discourses felt especially profound. I wasn’t having a lot of those consciousness shifts that the right words at the right time can bring on.

It’s funny to write this because these days the opposite is absolutely true! Amma’s words and teachings are so incredibly profound because they are so simple. They speak to the heart and not the head, distilling volumes of complicated teachings into a thimble.

Read all those books, says Amma, if you are moved to, but it’s not really necessary – just do good deeds and surrender. Learn all those long tricky mantras if you want (be warned: you may need several lifetimes for this), or you can just chant Om Namo Narayani. As Amma often says: “It is enough”.

It’s really been hitting me of late, how simple all of it really is. In 2 words, Just Love.

When I notice myself habitually judge someone in the supermarket (who I do not know at all), with a sudden uninvited and conditioned thought that they should look/speak/act differently than they do, then there’s nothing much to analyse about all that. It doesn’t really matter why I had that thought, or where it came from, as long as I drop it. Just drop it and love. Let that person be just as they are. Let Reality and everything that’s showing up in it, and as it, be just as it is.

Just Love.

When I realise that I’ve been worrying, about how something might turn out, or how I’m being perceived, then there’s nothing much worth analysing about that either. Just notice the thought or feeling, and let it go. Come back to Love. Trust in the Love that creates this whole world, and into which the whole thing collapses with each and every out-going breath.

Just Love. Love yourself. And when you can’t do that completely then just love the fact that it’s hard to sometimes. Love others. Let them be. It’s such a relief. Just let them be.

I remember ‘knowing’, as young as Grade 3, when we were learning about Jesus at my Catholic primary school, that a lot of the hang-ups of the nuns and teachers were completely off-track, but this JC guy had completely nailed it with His “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”. I remember knowing back then, that that was It, in a nutshell, and the rest I’d probably be fine without.

It’s taken another 30 years of life and spiritual inquiry, to really get what I intuitively knew way back in Grade 3. It really is that simple. Just be a decent human being! We all know what that means don’t we? We’ll all express it in our own unique ways but in essence it means just Be Nice. Be Kind. Not a doormat, no. Just decent. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Smile sometimes. Help someone out if it looks like they need it. Don’t take anything or anyone too seriously (especially not yourself!). Remember to laugh. Find humour in the shittiest of circumstances. It could always be worse.

I’m having a really lovely time these days with the simplicity of this teaching, Just Love. “Do good deeds, think good thoughts, speak good words. Have faith and devotion and leave the rest up to God”. So much of our activity is about trying to get more love, or if we’re not getting much trying to understand why. Instead of trying to get it, maybe we should give it, and see what happens.

Living more and more like that basically annihilates the need for all the tiresome searching because these actions themselves (generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and faith) create the conditions in which the love and contentment that we’re programmed to seek, reveal themselves instead as the very fabric of Who We Are!

So Just Love! I’m pretty sure that it will all turn out better.

“It may be human nature to seek happiness through love, but there is a type of happiness greater than this, happiness through kindness.”  ~ Sri Sakthi Amma

Om Namo Narayani