What you seek is seeking you…


I woke up early this morning and made a cup of tea, and took it out onto the veranda to sit in silent adoration of the light, the sky, the trees, the morning chorus of birds and critters, as much as the silence accented by their song.

A phrase by Rumi came to mind, and I felt its truth in that moment – “what you seek is seeking you”. Sometimes the road is rocky, the peace I seek elusive. At others, like this morning, it’s abundantly clear that I am never alone, never was, and never will be. As much as I long to rest in peace, and as love, peace and love long to take me in their arms and never let me go.

Perhaps, just as the trills and shrills of the birds in the morning draw my attention to the spaces, the gaps, the silences in between, so too the periods of impatience, confusion, and rebellion serve to sweeten the relief that comes with letting go.

On mornings such as this I sense a hand that has held me all along – long before I was even conscious of it, silently and persistently drawing me to Itself. Not for a single second of my life has this hand ever let me go, even when I felt the most alone or stupid, making the biggest and most arrogant mistakes.

Rumi again:
“What goes comes back. Come back.
We never left each other”.